Worldwide Solutions

We make Wastewater a resource

Energy, water and food are becoming scarce and more expensive. We face the problem of global warming and climate change, with catastrophic consequences for nature and humanity, especially for the poor.

We offer solutions for sparing and sustainable management of scarce resources, for recovery and recycling of energy and materials. We see wastewater as a resource.

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  • Centralized Wastewater Treatment Plants – superior equipment for wastewater treatment with a wide range of well-proven and innovative products
  • Industrial Wastewater and  Waste Treatment – customized and adapted solutions with well-proven products from one source
  • Green Buildings – complete wastewater recycling and energy recovery solutions for medium to large buildings
  • Decentralized Wastewater Treatment – independent, customized and complete solutions for on-site wastewater treatment
  • Sewage Collection – efficient and reliable solutions for sewers, storm tanks and rainwater treatment
  • Water Supply – solutions for the whole range of potable water supply: treatment, storage, distribution
  • Global Water Challenges – sustainable, adapted and affordable solutions for the closure of loops
  • Wastewater Reuse – solutions for treatment and reuse of wastewater and of separately collected grey water
  • Heat Recovery from Wastewater – various solutions for wastewater heat recovery
  • Sludge Treatment -highly efficient and comprehensive solutions for the whole sector of sludge treatment, from thickening to reuse
  • Grit Treatment – efficient technology for the treatment of grit containing waste

and the following industries:

  • Slaughterhouses and Meat Processing Industries
  • Dairies Industries
  • Breweries and Beverage Industries
  • Textile and Leather Industries
  • Paper Mills Industries
  • Organic Waste Processing Industries
  • Sand and Grit Slurry Treatment Industries
  • Plastics Industries